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Blue Is The Warmest Color Download Mp4 Hd (Latest)




List of characters Main characters Adèle Desrosiers: Adèle is 18 years old. She meets Emma at the beginning of the story and becomes the lover of the latter. She has an optimistic character, seeks pleasure and everything seems to her very simple. She doesn't want to have a life of responsibilities because she thinks she can be happy. This character is marked by her naivety, impulsive nature, spontaneity, curiosity, etc.. Her strong will and her desire to reach her own goals and dreams make her a very unpredictable character. Emma Neufeld: The Emma character appears at the end of the story, she is in her early thirties. This character is characterized by her bitterness, her lack of initiative, her weakness, her despair and her rage. She is looking for an exit from the current reality. The characters of Emma are very contradictory, she loves them or hates them, and then she loves them again or she hates them. Women who are significant Danielle: A 33 years old mother who has a problem to talk to her husband. She was searching for a substitute who could help her to solve her problems. The first woman who talks to Adèle and who likes her. But she is a needy woman who gives all her freedom to Adèle who then has to deal with all her problems. Dorothee: Dorothee is a 39 years old woman who is married with 2 children and she's a mother who must deal with the problem of her husband. She likes the company of Adèle but not enough and she believes she's not clever enough to talk to her husband. Isabelle: Isabelle is 30 years old and is the wife of Daniel. She is the mother of their 2 children and has a strong will and a big pride. She is the only one who wants to talk to Adèle and she is more serious than Dorothee, they are the women who are most often present in the story. Isabelle gives her thoughts and her life to Adèle. Sylvie: Sylvie is 21 years old and works as a substitute teacher. She was the mother of her 3 children and she has a strong will. She didn't have any woman in her family and she wanted to go back to Canada. She wants to leave her small town in order to have the possibility to make a new life. Héloïse: Hé



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Blue Is The Warmest Color Download Mp4 Hd (Latest)

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