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Prayers ~ Most importantly, we would humbly ask for your prayers as we step out on this unpredictable journey. Please pray that we might know and trust in God's plan as we begin to make countless decisions. Please also pray for our birth mother and all mothers who are making the courageous decision to choose life and adoption for their child.

Encouragement ~ The next several months are sure to be filled with many twists and turns, ups and downs, and moments of excitement and frustration. Any joy, excitement, and encouragement that you can share with us will help keep things in perspective and help us persevere though the stacks of paperwork, unexpected expenses and days of waiting. 

Financial ~ As you may already know, adoptions are not cheap....the costs of the home study process, agency expenses, attorney fees, court fees, birth mother's care, travel costs, etc. will add up quickly. In order to help us meet these financial challenges, we have set up a fundraiser through Adopt Together where all donations are tax deductible! If you are so inclined, please visit our page at:


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